ETHRA Public Transit is committed to providing a safe transit system for all passengers. Our drivers undergo training in applicable local, state, and federal programs to meet safety requirements and regulations. We provide ongoing training for our drivers throughout their course of employment. Our vehicles are well maintained through our own maintenance facility. Each vehicle is equipped with the required safety equipment. 

Emergency Procedure

If you are involved in an accident while in transit, please remain calm, and follow the direction of your driver. Be assured, every driver is trained in accident and emergency procedures. If evacuation of the vehicle is warranted, please help your driver by making the procedure as orderly as possible.

Bad Weather Policy

ETHRA Public Transit no longer follows the same policy as the county school systems. If the schools are closed in your county, ETHRA will still provide transportation. During inclement or bad weather, please call 1.877.821.6232.  We update this number as information is provided, with any counties that may or may not be running or delayed.

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